Risk Solutions


Our Risk Solutions Group advises our core corporate clients, financial institutions and private equity firms on all issues related to Financial Risk Management and Capital Structure Optimization. Santander takes a unique approach to its structured derivative offering with its 3 key areas of expertise being Corporate, Event-Driven and Latin America Market Risk Management – all managed under one team.

Corporate Market Risk Management
  • Risk management for multinational corporations with cross-sector expertise.
  • Offering ranges from corporate finance and DCM-related hedging activity to multi-asset class portfolio hedging solutions.

  • Event-Driven Market Risk Management
  • Project and acquisition finance-related risk management offering with a focus on infrastructure, renewable energy and leveraged finance.
  • Close coordination with M&A and funding advisory teams to devise holistic approach to event-specific hedging.

  • Latin America cross-border Funding & Risk Management
  • London-based Latin America Emerging Markets structuring expertise with close interaction with Santander regional subsidiaries.
  • Ability to book transactions both onshore & offshore with unique expertise for the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.