Debt Capital Markets


Our Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team provides advisory services and does structuring and placement of public and private debt securities.

Be it for investment grade or non-investment grade issuers, our teams will be able to support you with a broad range of solutions such as senior and hybrid bond issues, covered bonds, bank capital securities, EMTN programs, fixed income solutions, liability management transactions implying tender and exchange of outstanding bonds, advice for debt structuring, rating advisory and other related products.

Our DCM team has specific emphasis on the Euro, US Dollar and Sterling currencies, while bringing also additional expertise in domestic issuance of bonds for your subsidiaries in Latin America and Poland, among others.

Thanks to our global international accross Latin America and Southern Europe, we are able to bring strong complementary investors’ demand to our clients’ capital markets transactions. Our DCM group has strong local investors access and teams based in New-York, London, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Hong-Kong.